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World tourism news - Malaysia, resort only for woman.

In Malaysia, the resort intended only for women will open. Thus local authorities are measured to involve women-tourists from those Islamic countries, where conservative foundations dominate and it is forbidden to women to bathe together with men. As informs AFP agency, the attendants on a resort will exclusively consist of women. Protection will be female also. East coast of Malaysia is widely known the sandy beaches and numerous picturesque falls. Tourists bathe both in the sea, and in falls. In territory of a new female resort the falls also is located.

Other Islamic countries - Iran, Saudi Arabia already apply a similar practice " resorts only to women ". Under laws operating in Iran, it is forbidden to women to appear on a kind at unfamiliar men in "unduly open" clothes, informs AFP agency. Now inhabitants of this country can be expiated in a usual bathing suit of all on several beaches where are stipulated "female sectors".

Also, the first "female" hotel in Saudi Arabia is opened. Saudi Arabia - one of the most strict Muslim states. Unlike other countries of an islam, to women the car here is not authorized to drive. Also it is forbidden to them to participate in elections. However last years the Saudi women all participate in a public and business life of kingdom more actively.

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